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I agree to the following terms and conditions of the Growth Development Program created by HSRA Incorporated to include the statements above and the NDA below.
NDA- Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
The parties representing this non-disclosure or receiving of information:
Disclosing HSRA Incorporated®, Partners, Leadership, Advisors, Staff Members

Effective Date: February, 25, 2020
Confidential information,  trade secrets, and proprietary information shall include but not be
limited to documents, programs, technology, meeting agendas or conversations, records,
information and data, designs, schedules, product plans, marketing plans, technical procedures,
manufacturing processes, analysis, competition, employee and contractor relationships,
formulas, methodologies,  processes, systems, and procedures, exit strategies, future plans
(whether verbal, electronic, written). Receiving Party acknowledges that no information (as
described above) shall be shared verbal, electronic, or written, in formal presentations or
informal conversations, will be disclosed, directly or indirectly, with any other party or individual
at any time.
This Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement includes but is not limited to past, existing,
and future vendors, partners, and license agreements, and joint ventures on behalf of HSRA
Parties will be given the opportunity to share any personal and business-related information with
the intent and full understanding that the information will not be disclosed with others, directly or
indirectly, nor discussed with one another with intent or non-intent to cause dissention, disunity,
or competition between leadership, members, associates, vendors, industry professionals, or
the public. Any information shared is to be communicated in the presence of HSRA staff for best
understanding and further communication and clarity, unless otherwise approved.
Parties agree to support the best interests of HSRA Incorporated®, Partners, Leadership, Advisors,
Staff Members. Associates, Members, and Vendors. Those who do not abide by these guidelines
are subject to dis-association, attendance to future events and meetings, as well as possible
legal ramifications by any and all parties involved and fines beginning at the amount of $50,000
The validity, construction, and performance of this agreement shall be governed and construed
in accordance with the laws of Texas applicable to contracts made and to be performed with in
such date, without giving affect to any conflict of laws provisions there of. The federal and state
courts located in Texas shall have soul and exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising
under, or in any way connected with or related to, the terms of this agreement and receiving
party: consents to personal jurisdiction there in and waives the right to raise forum non
convenient or any similar objection.

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GDP | Mentorship Payment Plan

Why choose the #1 Home Staging & ReDesign Business Building Program?

With a small group of up to 10 companies:

  • You will be learning, sharing, & growing together
  • You will have accountability with the HSRA Staff and each other
  • You will go through a 3 levels training which includes basic training, the ramp cycle, & growth to achieve maximum performance 
  • You will be plugged into a system built for maximum growth with the use of tech tools, video training, accountability, report metrics, and profit benchmarks